Operating from Funchal, Madeira, Portugal, Conectpack LDA represent the company Cypack sas for America (Canada, US, Mexico, Central America and South America).
We are specialized in end-of-line solutions, from starting to mechanise to industrialize your technical adhesive application project, to Multipack, or/and, to Apply a Transport Handle tape.
The equipment produced by Cypack is French engineering machinery of the latest generation, robust, innovative and simple.
Cypack has 30 years of experience in the global market. We offer a wide range of simple semiautomatic equipment, up to fully automated and integrated solutions. From industrial design to Cypack machines, they are custom-designed for each product.
In ConectPack we have our own technical service, which allows us to solve, accompany and advise our customers in the use of their equipment. Suggest the best equipment, with the best cost / benefit ratio, with a regional technical service and available, expert and trained.
These are the commitments and priorities for Conectpack and Cypack. Respecting the best standards in the manufacturing profession of packaging equipment for the Industry and in the respect of the highest consideration of professional ethics.

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HandlePack L

The Handlepack L system is made for the application of adhesive handles in all types of multipacks
(bottles, cans, tetrabriks, etc.) and unit products.
French company, created in 2010, with 30 years of experience and expertise, market leader, specializing in engineering and manufacture of automatic equipment for the application of technical adhesive:
Automatic application of transport adhesive handles on beverage packaging (milk, water, juices, soft drinks, etc ...) and other products of mass consumption of difficult handling.
Automatic application of adhesive tape for promotional groupings of packaged unit products (pasta, bread, charcuterie, soap, soft drinks, sweets, etc ...)
Application of adhesive security band allowing an innovative solution with the best cost / benefit ratio for products transported in a cardboard box, with high added value (technology, pharmaceuticals, etc ...) that can not suffer intrusions.